Graduate in Law from Abad Oliba University and the College of Law from the University of Barcelona in 1983. Corporate Secretary and Tax Expert Course at Abad Oliba CEU University in 1982.

Registered with the ICAB since 1984.

As a multi-disciplinary lawyer, he has distinguished himself in professional services from every scope of Law and before all types of Judges and Juries, with a special dedication to Civil Law (real estate, contracts, insurances, extensive experience in medical and hospital defence, such as claims for malpractice, trafficking and circulation, etc….), Commercial Law, Family Law and Criminal Law in all sectors. Specialized in Bankruptcy Law.

CEO of Barnalex Asesores Asociados and partner since its establishment in the year 2008.

He has been an administrator and secretary for the administrative council on various real estate organizations and a lawyer for different national and international businesses. Throughout his professional career, he has represented various SME’s and multi-national companies from very diverse and varied sectors.

He has also been a speaker, as well as an attendee, for various specialized courses.  He dedicates a large portion of his time to studying Law and training future professionals.


Graduate in Law from the University of Barcelona.

Registered with the ICAB since 1990.

Specialized in Commercial Law. Since 1990, she has advised businesses (car industry, clinics, medical centres, builders and real estate, retail, etc.) on the national and international scene, especially with multi-national companies.

Since 2008, she has been an associate and Legal Advisory for Barnalex Asesores Asociados Advising Associates, and coordinates the various areas of the office.

In addition, she manages the area of investments for both national and international companies with different partners and investment funds that are located in other countries.



Graduate in Law from the University of Barcelona.

Registered with the ICAB since 1988

A lawyer specialized in Work Law and Social Security; he has developed a successful professional career in defending both SME’s and multi-national organizations, as well as employees.

A labour advisor for different international companies in Spanish territory.


Graduate in Business Science from the Universitat of Barcelona in 1984.

A Master in Business Management from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Registered with the Associated of Economists in Catalonia.

A member of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (AEDAF)

With more than 30 years of professional experience in personalized advising, she is a specialist in tax and accounting advising (Sales, Organizations, asset declarations, audits…) and special operations (merges and splits, due diligences, consolidations, inspections, business appraisals, successions, inheritances and donations, tax reviews, etc.)


Expert Calligraphy Graduate- a Member of the National Association for Expert Calligraphers in Spain with number 89/4 in 1989.

Member of the Catalonian Association of Legal and Forensic Experts in Catalonia registered in the European Institute of Experts and Expertise (EEEI), with number 157, since 1989.

Graduate in Documentoscopy and Legal Expert Calligraphy from the Centre d’Estudis Jurídics i Formació Especialitzada (Department of Justice and Management in Catalonia) in 2002.

Member of the Institute of Expert Forensics in Catalonia with number 930, since 2003.

Graduate in Legal Technical Expertise from the Centre d’Estudis Avançats (CESA) from the International University of Catalonia (UIC) in 2009.

Specialist in Expert Legal Calligraphy · Fingerprinting · Studying documentation forgeries · Analysis of counterfeiting and trademarks · Documentoscopy · Holographic Wills · Anonymous identification · Graphology · Graphotherapy · Recruitment for companies with graphology tests (analysis of personality and candidate suitability · Identification of signature forgeries.

Elisabet Torner


Graduate in Law from the University of Barcelona.

An agent of Industrial Property nº 823/0

Registered with the ICAB since 1991.

She is a representative of the Spanish Office for Patents, Brands (OEPM), and the Office of Harmonization for the Domestic Market (OAMI), along with the Office of European Patents (EPO) and the Worldwide Organization of Intellectual Property (OMPI).

She corresponds with expert correspondents in Industrial and Intellectual Property from all over the world and has a lengthy experience in brand registration, commercial names, patents, industrial models and drawing and naming, and the defending of every kind of law both in Spain as well as abroad.