Our clients bring their conflicts to the office and leave feeling that they have left their worry in our hands

BARNALEX is a specialized law office with a long professional career, with personalized service, high dedication and competitive costs. BARNALEX provides its knowledge, experience and talent to serving its clients and, at all times, considering the fulfilment ethical and professional standards for the legal profession. The firm was founded in 2008 at the hands of various legal and tax professionals, all of whom have careers longer than 20 years and who have the same vision for how to provide a professional service: personalized and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The identifying idea of BARNALEX, which creates a value that is different from other legal providers, is based on an English phrase: “It’s business but it’s personal”. Our clients can testify to this.

Experience in all specialized areas

We manage every kind of legal and tax speciality, handing the needs of both SMEs and multinational companies.

Civil Law

Commercial Law

Criminal Law

Labour Law

Tax Law

Administrative – Urban Law

Patents and Brands

Expert Legal Handwriting

National and international investments

Personalized attention

No two cases are the same. This is why we analyse your situation and needs, we study the possible solutions and allocate a specialist who will accompany you personally. We don’t randomly assign. Because you need the best attention.

Competitive costs

We advocate for the effective assigning of work and predictability, with the goal of optimizing the most advantageous cost of service for our clients. We create your estimate based on your preferences: by hours, quote, matching or a final price. Keeping up with our client’s peace of mind.

Availability 7/24/365

Our clients are at peace: they can contact us any day, any time, all year long. Because urgent issues come up when we least expect it.

Commitment to ethics

We assume our commitment to society, as a part of legal public services; we study the best solution for every case to avoid any conflicts from arising. We firmly believe in correct, professional, and responsible behaviour in the defence of the interests we are entrusted with.

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