Information on using cookies.

Cookies are bits of information that are sent and stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer when using a web-browser that is connected to the web. Cookies can be used to collect and store  information while the user is connected in order to more easily provide the services that are requested and they are not saved (session cookies), or to keep user information for another kind of future services and which may be kept for an indefinite length of time (persistent cookies). Cookies may be the companies or third parties.

There are various types of cookies:

  • Technical cookies make it easier for the user to navigate and use the various options or services that the web offers, such as identifying the session, allowing access to specific areas, making it easier to make orders or purchases, filling out forms, registrations, security, making options run more smoothly (videos, social networks, etc.).
  • Personalized cookies that allow the user to access the services according to their preferences (language, browser, settings, etc.).
  • Analysis cookies that all for the anonymous analysis of user behaviour on the web and allow the user’s activity to be measured and create browsing profiles with the goal of improving web sites.
  • Marketing cookies that allow for specialized marketing spaces to be managed on the web.
  • Personalized marketing cookies that allow the marketing areas on the web to be managed according to the browsing and behavioural habits of the user, where a profile is obtain and made that allows publicity to be personalized and that is shown on the users browser.

On the Barnalex web, we only use technical, personalized and analysis cookies, for the company and third parties, which at no time deal with information of a personal character not record the browsing habits for marketing purposes.

Therefore, when accessing our web page, in fulfilment of article 22 of the Law for Services from an Information Company, when dealing with analytical cookies, we request your consent to use these cookies, which will be installed after a certain amount of time has passed, so that the user has time to decide to give their consent or not.

In any case, we inform you that you can activate or deactivate these cookies by following the instructions on your Internet browser.